The following are testimonials from patients of Dr. Greenberg:

"Dr. David Greenberg is simply the best dentist in the world. He has been taking care of my teeth and my family’s teeth for years and I hope he never retires. Dr. Greenberg is very skilled, has a pleasing personality, is extremely thorough and reaches perfection in all of his procedures. I trust him so much with his advice. All of Dr. Greenberg’s staff are tops. They are so helpful, professional and happy people. They all make me feel that I am a family member. A couple of years ago Dr. Greenberg did veneers on my front teeth. All my life prior to that, I was very self conscience about my crooked teeth and my smile. With my new veneers done to perfection, I am now a happier and more confident person. I recommend Dr. Greenberg to everyone."

-Sheree S.

"We have been patients of Dr. Greenberg for over 25 years , actually since he started his practice and we have always received fantastic care. Our three sons have also been lifelong patients and the attention and quality of care they have received from Dr. Greenberg is apparent in their smiles.  All the staff are friendly and obliging.  We would, and in fact have, recommended Dr. Greenberg to others."
-Terry G. and Neil R.

"Dr. David Greenberg has given me the gift of a lifetime, a picture perfect smile.  In the past, I would cover my mouth when laughing and always took pictures with a closed mouth smile.  With the help of Dr. Greenberg, and braces, I now show my smile every chance I get.  This new found confidence has changed my life.  I am able to laugh out load without hesitation and my smile brightensevery picture taken. I am about to be in the public eye due to work and the confidence I have built through my new smile has most definitely provided the ground work needed to get me there.

"I have been a client of Dr. David Greenberg for over 15 years.  He treats his patients like family and only has their best interest at heart.  The day I found Dr. David Greenberg, I found a dentist for life."
-Erick L.

"We have both been seniors for a long time and over the years we have arrived at the office with many challenges. These challenges get filled or crowned or rebuilt or get a root canal or whatever procedure is needed to make it whole again. The office motto may well be WE SAVE TEETH.It is not just that they are saved, it is how they are saved. Dr. Greenberg has good hands and a good head. The good head guarantees that we will be offered the latest in dental knowledge and practice and the good hands give us the most natural looking teeth. As we have come to know, dental care in this office is a partnership between us and the Dr. Greenberg and his staff. Now you know why we have happy mouths,

Thank you Dr. Greenberg."
-Sheila and Roman R.

"Dr. Greenberg, from the first time I visited you, even before you had your own practice, I was impressed with your mannerism and the time you spent examining and advising me about my teeth. So impressed was I with you and your commitment to your patients, I followed you by researching where you were setting up your private practice and now my whole family including my son Kevin, who is now 33 and daughter Nicole who is 31, have also become patients. My husband was so impressed with your service he also became a patient. I have also referred several of my friends and family and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work."
-Jessica C.